Best Aquaculture Practices Program Gains First Certified Feed Mill, Four-Star Company

Shrimp feed manufacturer, Asian Feed Co., Ltd., Thayang, Petchburi, Thailand, first BAP-certified feed mill
November 13, 2010

Best Aquaculture Practices Program Gains First Certified Feed Mill, Four-Star Company

With the certification of its first feed mill and associated “four-star” aquaculture operation, the Best Aquaculture Practices program continues to progress as the leading global certification system for farmed seafood.

On Nov. 9, Asian Feed Co., Ltd. became the first BAP-certified feed mill. Located in Thayang, Petchburi, Thailand, the facility manufactures shrimp feed under the Champ, Extra, Hero and Rambo brands.

Asian Feed Co. Ltd. is part of Asian Seafoods Coldstorage Public Co., Ltd., BAP’s first four-star company. Asian Seafoods’ four-star status reflects the top level in BAP’s unique system approach that addresses environmental, social, food safety and traceability issues at the hatchery, farm, feed mill and processing plant. Each of these links in the aquaculture supply chain is designated by a star on retail packaging. Hence, this company has a fully certified or four-star production chain. 

“We congratulate the Asian Seafoods group for these vanguard accomplishments,” said Wally Stevens, executive director of the Global Aquaculture Alliance, whose BAP standards form the base of BAP certification. “Its four-star certification expresses the company’s continued commitment to sustainability as well as its use of responsible practices throughout the seafood production process, from pond to plate.”

Asian Seafoods Coldstorage operates a BAP-certified seafood processing plant in Amphur Muang, Samutsakorn, Thailand, in tandem with its Tawee and Aquapool shrimp farms, several of which are certified as BAP integrated operating modules. Asian Seafoods sources shrimp larvae from its Tripetch hatchery and Best Hatchery Farm. Its processing plant has participated in BAP certification since 2006.

Asian Seafoods Coldstorage Public Co., Ltd. produces frozen raw and cooked shrimp under the BAP program. It also exports sillago fish fillets, cuttlefish and squid items to markets in Asia, North America and Europe.