BioMar aquafeed mill in Costa Rica will increase footprint in Americas

With a new aquafeed plant and R&D facility for tilapia feed development in Costa Rica coming online in May, BioMar is set to expand regional operations
January 26, 2012

The construction of a new feed plant in Costa Rica is going ahead according to schedule and it is expected to enter service in May 2012. As well as the feedmill, BioMar will open a new research and trial facility for the development of tilapia diets.

The new factory has been designed to reach the highest quality and technical standards. It will be the most modern and efficient feed plant in the region producing feed for tilapia and other fresh water species as well as the marine fish species produced in the area.

The BioMar Group, which this year celebrates its 50 years Anniversary, will with the new feedmill, introduce the technologies and processes which have made BioMar one of the most important global suppliers of high quality fish feed in the Central American region. The factory will be able to efficiently supply fish farmers in Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, and other countries in Central and South America.

Felipe Ureta, Vice President of BioMar Americas, commented: “BioMar is in a decisive moment in our development in the Americas Region. With the new fish feed plant in Costa Rica and the new hatchery specialized for research and development projects for tilapia nutrition we will strengthen considerably our operations in the Americas Region. We are convinced that the market is looking for new specialized high quality and high performance feed types for the expanding production of tilapia and other aquaculture species. This is where the know-how and the technical leadership of BioMar will play an important role in the region.”

BioMar has a long reputation of delivering quality aquaculture feed products with an optimal feed conversion rate and of being able to ensure customers in the aquaculture business and through them the end consumers products with perfect traceability and food safety. Felipe Ureta adds to that the strong focus of BioMar on sustainability and he explains this all combines to a very strong package for the fish farming sector.