BioMar Chile commits to deliver more sustainable aquafeeds

The company is testing an innovative, returnable bulk container that could reduce the use of plastics when delivering salmon feed.

BioMar Chile commits to deliver more sustainable aquafeeds
Green-Feed containers.
June 2, 2021

As part of BioMar Group’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the company aims to reduce the use of plastic and change the way feed is delivered to a more sustainable way. 

More bulk delivery and less packaging

In Norway, the company is shipping feed through a new hybrid vessel, the Kryssholm, and in Chile, has been promoting the delivery of bulk feeds since 2020 through MN Yartou vessel, which has shipped around 13,250 tons of grow-out feeds. MN Yartou has the capacity to transport 450 tons of bulk feed, in addition to 170 tons on deck, with a discharge speed that exceeds that of the conventional model. Beyond the operational and safety advantages, this system reduces the use of pallets and bags.

“We are very happy to be part of this initiative. We continue to reinforce our sustainability model through concrete actions that allow us to have safer operations, and at the same time, reduce our waste and emissions,” said Alfredo Tello, technical and sustainability manager of Salmones Camanchaca, one of the salmon farmers part of this initiative.

Tests with returnable containers: Green-Feed

BioMar Chile is also fine-tuning the latest tests of the Green-Feed system, a new concept of “returnable” container made of low-density polyethylene. “This is moving towards the possibility of using a returnable container. Green-Feed is an initiative that demonstrates decision-making in BioMar, promoting something that could have an immediate effect in reducing the use of plastics, better storage as they are stackable, and could drive a change to a more sustainable salmon industry,” said Óscar Berríos, product manager of BioMar.