BioMar Chile Farmer of the Year awards

Australis and Salmones Austral showed the best performance for salmon and trout during 2019 with FCR ranging from 0.96 to 1.11.

BioMar Chile Farmer of the Year awards
March 31, 2020

BioMar Chile awarded the four salmon and trout farming centers with better performance in the Aysén and Magallanes regions for 2019. “Every year, we work with our customers seeking the best production performance. We know that feed plays a fundamental role, but also the work of the farm’s team. That is why each year we recognize the teams that achieved the best performance in their species and area,” Michael Adler, commercial manager of BioMar in Chile, explained.

The farms that showed the best performances were Ilque center of Salmones Austral in the coho salmon category (FCRb 0.96) and the Australis farms, Puerto Browne in the trout category (FCRb 1.11), Humos 1 in the Salares Region of Aysén category (FCRb 1.04) and Punta Lobos in the Salares Region of Magallanes category (FCR 1.06 ).

“In all of them, it is important to highlight that the theory that 1 + 1 is more than 2 is fulfilled because it is not only 'fish + food', but a sum of factors such as the feeding strategy, the ability to overcome the pressure and environmental challenges, the willingness of customers to work together and the quality, professionalism and high commitment of the people in the farms,” said Eduardo Suazo, BioFarm manager at BioMar.

In all these cases, the feeding strategy was based on high-energy feed lines, Power Extreme and Power Rainbow for salmon and trout and Power Akai for coho salmon. In the case of Punta Lobos, in Magallanes, the diet also included the ZERO diet, which considers a minimum portion of fishmeal.

End consumer demand and procedure standardization are two key aspects for both farming companies in obtaining good results. “Ilque fish (coho salmon) could be harvested without any treatment, in line with the organization's commercial requirements especially challenging for a harvest carried out in spring and an area with significant bacterial load,” said Sergio Jérez, head of area of Salmones Austral.

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