BioMar Chile unveils new AI service for salmon fillet quality

Customers will be able to evaluate the quality of the fillet in processing plants and farms, facilitating timely decisions and based on specific objective data.

BioMar Chile unveils new AI service for salmon fillet quality
Eduardo Hagedorn, BioMar.
May 10, 2021

BioMar Chile unveiled an innovative AI service to monitor the quality of salmon fillet. “In addition to current services, we are proud to take a new technological step with the incorporation of artificial intelligence that allows us to obtain data on the quality of the fillet,” said Óscar Berríos, seawater product manager at BioMar.

“BioMar’s high-performance diets have given us very good, consistent production results over the last four years. Our concern to go beyond the good results of salmon in the water and reach the final product led us to develop new tools with the same technology applied to our diets. Thus, through artificial intelligence applied in processing plants and farming centers, we monitor qualitative aspects of the fillet with high precision and standardization,” Berríos said.

After a couple of years with a collaborative strategy between Lythium and BioMar first, and two salmon farmers later, field trials were completed. “Currently, we have two units installed and three to be installed in processing plants. For farming centers, we will be implementing the portable Quality Box system in the coming weeks in operations in the Magallanes region, through BioFarm, BioMar's technical assistance team, and then progressively expanding it to other growing areas. This innovation will facilitate adjusting formulation and feeding strategies with our clients while fish are still growing,” said Michael Adler, commercial manager of BioMar.

With this new BioMar service, parameters such as color, gapping, melanosis and cracking can be obtained. Quality Box is transported in a small briefcase and can be used on a farm. “More than 15,000 daily data, for each equipment, in the last six months have allowed us to correlate the entire growing cycle with the quality of the final product, such as strains, region, growing conditions, nutritional strategies, etc.,” said Berríos.

“With this initiative, we are supporting an important step for BioMar and the industry in innovation and applied technology, especially for the quality of the final product of the salmon chain. It is the beginning of the road to making decisions based on objective and explicit information, quickly and efficiently,” said Camilo Lagos, commercial and new business manager.