BioMar doubles feed production capacity at the Norwegian Myre factory

BioMar Norway celebrates 25th Anniversary with opening of US$ 70.23 million plant expansion and upgrade
June 29, 2011

"This is the best fish feed factory in the world!" Production Manager Ivar Ulriksen is in no doubt when he sits in front of the control panel at the Myre factory: BioMar has adopted the very latest and the most advanced extrusion technology, and with the commissioning of the new production line and a comprehensive upgrade its original line, the total production capacity of Myre ihas more than doubled to 260,000 tonnes.

"BioMar plays an important role, with a high level of activity in R&D to ensure that the fish utilize the feed in the most efficient way, and BioMar make use of new raw materials and new technology", Minister of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs Lisbeth Berg-Hansen said.

At the  official opening of the new production line at Myre, June 21st, which marked the 25th Anniversary of BioMar Norway she went on to say "I worked for a competing feed producer many years ago, so the words come from the heart. It is important for the aquaculture industry that the suppliers to the industry take responsibility for research in their respective areas. And BioMar is actively working to ensure a sustainable use of our resources".

During the visit to Myre, the Minister had a chance to do a walk around in the factory and to participate as guest of honour at a party dinner for 230 guests in the Øksnes Hall.

Torben Svejgaard, CEO of the BioMar Group said that Norway is the largest and most important single market for BioMar. The investment in the factory at Myre is the largest BioMar has ever made – and it shows that BioMar is committed to continued development in Norway. This, he said, was underlined by the fact that the decision to expand in Norway was taken when the financial crisis was at its worst.

Jan Sverre Røsstad, Vice President, BioMar North Sea, said that the expansion of the Myre factory has involved a cost of around NKR 380 million (approximately US$ 70.23 million).

This fall the factory will produce pellets in both 500-kilo batches – i.e. big bags, as they do today - and in bulk, where the finished pellets will be transported on a closed conveyor belt directly into the delivery boats. BioMar will soon be the first to introduce environmentally friendly delivery boats with gas (LNG) propelled engines. These have the advantage of being both cheaper in operation and emitting less CO2 and NOx.

The factory at Myre produces feed for salmon, trout and cod. It is certified to ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment), and ISO 22000 (food safety). In addition, BioMar recently obtained the DNV ProSustain certification on sustainability as the first company within
the aquaculture business.