BioMar focuses on the next generation of RAS feeds

The company has decided to increase the focus on feed solutions for the RAS segment and bring more specialized products to the market. New products were presented at Aquaculture Europe 2019 and will be available soon.

BioMar focuses on the next generation of RAS feeds
October 10, 2019

BioMar has for decades been one of the driving forces behind the development of products for recirculation. As a response to the increased focus on how land-based farming impacted the water quality of creeks and rivers, BioMar started the development of the product range ORBIT back in the late 1980’s. Today, this product range embraces furthermore high-performing products for land-based salmon farming.

The company presented at the Aquaculture Europe conference new developments for the ORBIT line for salmonids that are focused on the selection and combination of raw materials for securing a second-to-none physical quality, solid faeces structure suited for RAS and with promising results on water parameters. ORBIT feeds also deliver solid performances on fish growth and feed conversion rate. Moreover, by maximizing the utilization of nutrients into growth, the new ORBIT ensures reduced waste and reduced nitrogen load on the biofilter. By this, ORBIT caters for better water quality to the benefit of both fish and the bacteria living on the biofilter.

“RAS for land-based salmon farming is an emerging segment within the aquaculture industry, and there is still a potential to be realized. The highly advanced technologies being used require highly advanced feed solutions and farming practices to enable a strong performance,” said Carlos Diaz, CEO of BioMar Group.

“As a strategic initiative, we have brought all of our RAS-specialists into a global task force. They are working together with global as well as local customers accelerating the next generation of feed solutions for RAS. We are building upon a very strong foundation being a leader within the RAS segment for many years, but the future requires that we can bring even more specialized products to the market, supported across geographies,” said Diaz. 

The objective of BioMar is be an innovator within efficient and sustainable global aquaculture. “This task force has, as one of the main objectives, to ensure our contribution to release the full potential of land-based farming. In order to create a sustainable food future, we need together as an industry to enable a doubling of our production capacity without increasing pressure on the environment, wild fish and agriculture. That is a challenge, we need to address together. We all have a responsibility for adding resources and increasing collaboration,” concluded Carlos Diaz.

The company also presented new improvements in the MAXIOTM and EFICO lines for Mediterranean seabass and sea bream.