BioMar launches new extruded grower feed for shrimp

BioMar has launched EFICO Exia, its new extruded grower feed range for shrimp, in Central America.
November 4, 2015

BioMar has launched EFICO Exia, its new extruded grower feed range for shrimp in Central America.

The range uses high-quality ingredients to provide the nutritional requirements and optimal economic performance of shrimp.

“Following a significant investment on shrimp R&D projects, BioMar is now proud to offer top tier diets that have been specifically developed for maximum performance and designed for the wide range of needs of the shrimp culture industry”, said Jorge Vargas, general manager of BioMar Costa Rica.

The EFICO Exia range for shrimp is part of BioMar’s market expansion and ongoing support for the aquaculture industry in Central America.

“We have conducted a number of trials in different culture conditions. The results show that years of research have proven successful and confirm that EFICO Exia delivers the best performance, with higher growth and better FCR,” said Vargas.

BioMar Costa Rica will target the shrimp farming sector in most of Central America in the near future, and has ongoing field trials with some of the most important shrimp farmers in the region. In addition, its R&D team is working continuously to improve and develop the feed range for shrimp and to broaden the product offer to cover health and value-added feed for shrimp farmers around the world.