BKD outbreaks on two more British trout farms

Bacterial Kidney Disease notified on farms in the north and south of England
July 18, 2006

The presence of Bacterial Kidney Disease (BKD) has been confirmed in trout farms in Yorkshire in the north of England and in Hampshire in the south.


The U.K.’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has issued orders under the Diseases of Fish Act 1937, prohibiting all movements of fish to and from the infected fish farms.


The disease was found in trout samples taken as a result of investigations into outbreaks at other farms.


Defra said that while the disease is considered serious and notifiable under EU law, it is not widespread in Great Britain and occurs only sporadically.


BKD has no implications for human health.


Further information on BKD and other serious freshwater diseases can be found on the Defra website in its Combating Fish Disease publication. also provides a wealth of information on fish health matters.