Call for Papers for Hawaii Aquaculture Feed Conference

“Alternative Protein Sources in Aquaculture Feed” is topic of AIP conference
June 25, 2003

Scientists specializing in aquatic animal feeds are invited to present papers at a conference sponsored by the Aquaculture Interchange Program (AIP) of the Oceanic Institute, in Honolulu, Hawaii, November 3-7, 2003.  The conference, “Alternative Protein Sources in Aquaculture Feed,” includes: an overview of aquaculture diets; animal, plant, and unconventional sources of protein for aquatic feeds; and the use of additives to improve the nutritional value of plant proteins. 


The protein sources to be discussed at the conference include: fish by-products; meat, bone, and blood meal; poultry by-products; soybean, cottonseed, and canola meal; lupin; distillery by-products; yeast and bacteria; krill meal, and other plant protein sources.  There will be presentations on the use of animal by-products and plant protein in crustacean diets and the use of soybean meal in freshwater fish, salmonid, sea bass, and sea bream diets.


A limited travel fund is available for invited presenters.  Presenters are required to submit their manuscripts for publication by the Aquaculture Interchange Program.   Interested scientists or individuals recommending potential presenters are requested to contact Dr. Cheng-Sheng Lee at: or telephone +1 808 259-3107.


The Oceanic Institute, located at Makapu‘u Point on O‘ahu, was founded in 1960. The Institute is an independent, not-for-profit, applied research organization dedicated to the development and transfer of technology and applications in aquaculture, environmental science, and marine biotechnology.  The Aquaculture Interchange Program was established in 1989 to disseminate aquaculture information to speed commercial aquaculture development in the United States.