Cambodia opens first aquafeed mill, Haida first shrimp feed mill in Ecuador

Agrimaster started supplying 600 tons of fish feed per month to the Cambodian industry and Haida Group built its first shrimp line in the Americas with an annual production of 120,000 tons. Famsun delivered the technology to both projects.

Cambodia opens first aquafeed mill, Haida first shrimp feed mill in Ecuador
September 2, 2021

Agrimaster, part of Medivet Group that produces feeds for pigs, chickens, ducks and cows, recently opened Cambodia’s first aquafeed mill. After the successful commissioning of the new aquafeed mill on December 10, 2020, the facility started supplying an additional 600 tons per month of high-quality fish feed to the local growing aquaculture sector. The aquafeed processing line is expected to move into full production in the coming months. 

The state-of-the-art aquafeed mill introduced Famsun’s single-screw extrusion system to help Agrimaster become competitive in aquafeed production with increased productivity, improved efficiency and reduced costs in electricity and raw materials. With good adaptability, the extrusion system can process various local-grown raw materials into value-added nutritious feed products.

Agrimaster produced a total of 85,000-90,000 tons of feed in 2020 and collected more than 40,000 tons of locally produced raw materials such as corn, bran, rice, cassava and beer every year. In addition to feed production, the company also has livestock farms and breeding contracts with farmers.

“Agrimaster is expanding its capacity by continuing its partnership with the technology solution provider Famsun at this base. The expansion project will have three latest Famsun pelleting lines and two steel silos with a total raw material storage capacity of 8,000 tons. It will add another 75 tons per hour of production capacity to Agrimaster’s animal feed business. Once completed, Agrimaster's Prek Kdei Village production site will become the largest comprehensive feed production base in Cambodia,” the company stated.

Famsun’s new shrimp feed facility in Ecuador

Haida Group built its first shrimp feed line in the Americas, a project also constructed by Famsun. The new facility, located in Guayas Duran, Ecuador, has five shrimp feed production lines with a total hourly output of 13 tons and a total annual output of 120,000 tons of shrimp feed.