Canadian ruminant products barred from US

In the wake of the BSE incident in Alberta, the US has issued a list of products barred from entry
May 21, 2003

Effective immediately, Canada is now considered to be affected with BSE. All Canadian origin animal products and by-products presented for entry into the United States must be regulated according to a BSE-affected status.

Commercial shipments of the following are now prohibited (Please note: This list is not all-inclusive):
1. Live ruminant animals (imports and transits)
2. Processed animal protein (such as meat and bone meal, meat meal, bone meal, blood meal, protein meal, etc.), regardless of species of origin (not intended to exclude human food in prepackaged, final form)
3. Animal feed (unless demonstrated to be of exclusively milk or non-animal origin)
4. Pet food (unless animal protein is non-mammalian origin, under permit conditions)
5. Milk replacers containing animal fat or non-milk animal protein
6. Ruminant blood and blood products
7. Animal vaccines containing ruminant-derived products
8. Ruminant offal (internal organs, intestines and tissues not otherwise specified)
9. Ruminant casings
10. Ruminant glands (including but not limited to adrenal, pancreas, thymus, thyroid, pituitary, etc.)
11. Ruminant gland extracts/derivatives
12. Unprocessed ruminant fat
13. Processed fats and oils
14. Nutritional supplements containing specified risk materials (SRMs) -- both in bulk and in final finished package for human or animal consumption
15. Ruminant bones
16. Tankage
17. Tallow, except for tallow derivatives
18. Ruminant bone-derived gelatin for animal use (permit and additional conditions will allow imports for non-animal/industrial use) 19. Ruminant-derived cartilage and/or chondroitin sulfate
20. Non-hide derived collagen (exemptions similar to those for gelatin for non-animal use)
21. Ruminant urine/urine derivatives
22. Ruminant meat and meat products (including those in shelf-stable cans)

For further information contact: APHIS, Veterinary Regulatory Support at 1-301-734-7633.