Cargill, ADM scale back business in Russia

Cargill is scaling back its business activities and will continue to operate its feed facilities in Russia. ADM will scale down operations that are not related to the production and transport of essential food commodities and ingredients.

Cargill, ADM scale back business in Russia
Photo credit: Cargill.
March 14, 2022

Cargill has stopped investment in Russia and will continue to operate its food and feed facilities in the country, the company said in a statement.

“The people of Ukraine are living an unthinkable and horrifying reality. Since their country was invaded, many have lost their lives, their families, their homes – everything. Through our 157 years, two things are constant: We always put people first, prioritizing our employees’ safety, and we do everything we can to nourish the world. This is how we feed families and sustain life around the globe,” the company said.

“Our purpose and principles have been with us since our beginning and guide us every day. We have a long history with Russia, but now is a time like no other. As such, we are scaling back our business activities there and have stopped investment,” the statement said. “We will continue to operate our essential food and feed facilities in Russia. Food is a basic human right and should never be used as a weapon. This region plays a significant role in our global food system and is a critical source for key ingredients in basic staples like bread, infant formula and cereal.”

"We are also increasing support of our Ukrainian colleagues and humanitarian efforts in the region through the World Food Programme, World Central Kitchen, Red Cross, Save the Children, European Food Banks Federation and CARE. Profits from our operations will be directed to these humanitarian efforts," the company concluded.


ADM will scale down operations in Russia that are not related to the production and transport of essential food commodities and ingredients and will continue to comply with all sanctions, laws and regulations.

“We join the world in our horror over the unfolding conflict in Ukraine. We are focused first on the safety of our almost 650 Ukrainian colleagues, who are being subjected to increasingly indiscriminate attacks on civilian areas. At the same time, we’re rapidly growing our efforts to support the Ukrainian people, committing more than $5 million in financial and other support, including wheat for the Ukrainian flour milling industry; working with Ukrainian farmers to purchase their crops, putting more cash in the hands of those who need it; and using our logistical expertise to import and distribute emergency food rations,” ADM said.

“ADM is a pillar of the entire global food system. We believe it is important to stand for what is right, which includes preventing further suffering by continuing to play our critical role in ensuring all people have access to the fundamental nutrition they need,” the company concluded.