Cargill's new platform to support farmers

Cargill’s Feeding Intelligence is a platform to support farmers and help them tackle today’s complex animal nutrition and health challenges

Cargill's new platform to support farmers
October 24, 2019

Feeding Intelligence is a new platform that Cargill developed to help animal farmers navigate the changing food production landscape. The platform provides resources for farmers on the latest intelligent animal production practices aimed at helping them improve their operations across all species. Resources, support and stories of commitment and care are featured on the platform. Farmers can find information on a variety of topics, including technological advancement, animal health and well-being, performance, sustainability and much more.

Cargill customer and owner of U.S. dairy operation Coldstream Farms, Galen Smith, often feels the pressures of the changing industry. Smith recognizes the need to invest in technology and sustainability, and to constantly innovate to remain relevant for the future—something he’s done to great success on his farm. “How do we stay relevant with all these pressures that are put upon us? I spend a lot of time researching and finding newer technologies and opportunities for the future,” said Smith. “New technology has allowed us to grow and get an economy of scale that this environment continues to demand.”

Through Feeding Intelligence, Cargill is opening a new front in the effort to help animal farmers succeed. For over a century, the company has been a partner for farmers. The introduction of Feeding Intelligence recognizes the tough road farmers face while also renewing a commitment to helping the company’s customers succeed.

A recent Cargill study found that 55% of consumers think farmers should care most about providing safe, healthy, affordable and abundant food. Other noted responsibilities for farmers included sustainability, animal well-being and providing for their employees and communities. These demands from consumers—who have never been more interested in their food yet are so far removed from the farm—are in direct alignment with farmer goals. Yet there remains a tension between both parties.

As a major entity in the food value chain, Cargill has a unique perspective on the complex challenges from both the farmer and consumer point of view. This vantage point also uniquely positions Cargill to support productive conversations and incite positive change.

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