China gets to grips with melamine adulteration

Chinese authorities have seized more than 3,500 tons of melamine-tainted feed in massive crack down
November 4, 2008

China gets to grips with melamine adulteration

China has launched a massive investigation into the use of melamine in feed after contaminated eggs and dairy products have shown up in the market.  More than 369,000 Agriculture Ministry inspectors visited 250,000 feed producers, closing down 238 illegal feed makers and investigated a further 278 companies and farms operating illegally, said Wang Zhicai, director of the ministry's husbandry and livestock division. A total of 3,682 tons of feed were confiscated and destroyed, he said.
The use of melamine in animal feed was banned in June 2007, and according to the Xinhua press agency, of the 22,700 batches of animal feed that have been checked for melamine, nearly 98 percent met government standards. Producers violating the rule will face severe punishment. They could have their business license revoked and face criminal charges.

It is not known how much melamine has entered the food chain.

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