China’s annual fish farm production: 48.9 million tons

China aquaculture up three percent this year
December 12, 2008

China’s annual fish farm production: 48.9 million tons

China's fisheries industry expects to end the year with stable growth and fish farm production increasing 3% over the last twelve months, according to an official report from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries.

Approximately 48.9 million tons of aquatic production is expected this year. The release also indicates that in spite of the global credit crunch and recession, China’s aquatic trade surplus jumped 190 million US dollars in the last twelve months and totalled 3.49 billion US dollars, which is 3% higher than the previous fiscal year.

The report also points out that the aquatic industry successful year also had to overcome repeated natural disasters, including the severe winter weather at the beginning of this year and typhoons in midyear. [Mercopress]