CP aquaculture expert stresses proper pond management, design At Nicovita Symposium:

At Nicovita Symposium, Dr. Dean Akiyama tells Ecuadorian shrimp farmers to ‘fix the house’ for better performance
April 19, 2016

“Look at the ponds. They’re old. It’s 30-year-old technology,” said Akiyama. “Our major problem is with pond design. It was really good 15 years ago. But today we know so much more. Pond design, and the imitation of pond design, hurts production. The future of the industry is pond design. “I know we have thousands and thousands of hectares of ponds already fixed,” he continues. “But if you’re making a lot of money now, you better start investing in the future. Because one day you won’t be able to compete globally.” 

Source: by Steven Hedlund, Global Aquaculture Advocate. read the full story.