De Heus signs aquaculture cooperation agreement in northern Vietnam

The partnership aims to develop farms, aquaculture businesses and distribution networks in Quang Ninh province.

De Heus shrimp feed mill in Vietam
March 26, 2024

De Heus Co. Ltd. and Quan Minh Co. Ltd recently signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement in the field of aquaculture in Van Don district, Quang Ninh province, in the north of Vietnam, local news reported. Both sides will coordinate research and development models for farming and producing various aquatic varieties, as well as the processing and trading aquatic products. Additionally, they will work together to produce high-yield and high-quality aquatic and seafood breeds, while seeking domestic and foreign markets to consume products.

They will seek investment capital to develop farms, aquaculture businesses and distribution networks. The collaboration also aims to establish a closed chain encompassing seafood processing, purchasing, preservation, marketing, and export.

In Quang Ninh, Quan Minh acts as a focal point linking with associated companies and cooperatives in Van Don. Together, they are building a large-scale integrated seafood production and export chain covering 2,000 ha across Van Yen, Quan Lan, and Minh Chau communes.

De Heus Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of De Heus Group, brings expertise in animal feed production. Founded in Vietnam in late 2008, the company operates nine factories and a nationwide distribution network, specializing in providing high-quality feed for livestock, poultry and fisheries. The company recently opened a shrimp feed mill in the country.