Do aquafeed producers need The Internet of Things and People?

Many aquafeed manufacturers already have the data, sensors and controls, but why do they need the noise of IoT?

February 12, 2019

Many aquafeed manufacturers already have the data, sensors and controls. But why do they need the noise of IoT? Paul McKeithan, Head of Digital Services, Bühler Aeroglide, and a thought leader in the digital industrial revolution will begin to answer that question, along with recognizing a new buzz acronym for the "Internet of People" (IoP), and its value to aquafeed manufacturers in his presentation at Aquafeed Horizons 2019.

The 12th Aquafeed Horizons Conference is’s flagship technical conference for aquafeed professionals world wide. It will take place June 12, 2019, at the Cologne Exhibition Halls, (Koelnmesse), Cologne, Germany, alongside the Victam International trade show.

More details and registration at Early bird registration closes soon.

Optimization of the use of lipids in aquaculture diets
Nicola Tallarico

A microalgal oil containing EPA+DHA as a source of omega 3 in aquaculture species
Ester Santigosa

Modelling tools to evaluate aquafeeds
Luís Conceição

Early life nutrition – producing quality fry
Tania De Wolf

Improving water quality through feed
John Mollison

Practical realities associated with micro pellet production
Dana Nelson

Insects as a substitute for fishmeal: Influence on the extrusion process and the product properties of carp feed
Julian M. Foerster

IoP: Leveraging people, process, and platforms to maximize aquafeed production
Paul D. McKeithan

Key leading indicator best practices in the extrusion/drying process
Charles Engrem

Optimal design and processing of aquafeed
Robert Strathman

Extruded aquafeed quality management; relationship between technology and extruded aquafeed quality
Thomas Ellegard Mohr

Process optimization in aquafeed, a challange with fluctuation in raw material qualities and formulations
Daniel Stoffner