FAMI-QS ensures up-to-date feed industry auditing in South America

FAMI-QS recently held its Auditors Training Session in South America, where the feed additives and premixtures industry has especially welcomed the system
March 22, 2012

At the 3rd auditor training session on FAMI-QS code’s specific requirements held in Brazil, special emphasis was given to the auditing process, such as assured sources, purchase of raw material, auditing techniques for HACCP, cross-contamination and response to a feed safety incident.

FAMI-QS code of practice  is the only certifiable code aimed at specialty feed ingredients and their mixtures for animal nutrition. The code addresses safety, quality and regulatory compliance in order to minimize the risk that unsafe specialty feed ingredients enter the food and feed chain. It offers independent certification for all operators placing these products on the market. Based on partnership with international certification bodies and third countries institutional partners, it includes more than 600 certified sites spread across more than 45 countries.

FAMI-QS carries periodical technical trainings to its approved partners and Certification Bodies worldwide. Its aim is to guarantee an optimum level of knowledge and skills of its auditors and maintain the quality and excellence of the system.

For the last few years, the interest in FAMI-QS certification has considerably increased in non-EU countries. The feed additives and premixtures industry in South America has especially welcomed the FAMI-QS system, considered as a very useful tool to comply with European Regulations when putting their products on the EU market and also to facilitate the world trade of specialty feed ingredients and their mixtures. According to the auditors, “the training is a great opportunity for brushing up on knowledge about FAMI-QS and also fostering a close cooperation with FAMI-QS.”

Due to the big impact that FAMI-QS is currently having and after the success recorded in the two previous training sessions for Brazil, FAMI-QS Quality Manager, Mr. Emmanuel Geneiatakis and FAMI-QS Process Manager, Mrs. Laetitia Cirilli gave a three-day training to all Latin American auditors in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This session was organized with the help of Sindirações (the Brazilian Feed Manufacturer Association) and included an overview as well as an update on the FAMI-QS Code of Practice and its application. This year, the training was part of the FAMI-QS harmonization auditing process at global level.

In 2011, FAMI-QS organized training for auditors in the following regions: Brazil, India, USA and China.


Mr. Didier Jans, Secretary General of FAMI-QS Asbl and Mr. Ariovaldo Zani, Vice President of Sindirações, have recently signed an amendment to strengthen their cooperation. Through this amendment, Sindirações and FAMI-QS agreed on the following:

• Sindirações will be the contact office for FAMI-QS in Latin America;

• FAMI-QS will recognize Brazilian operators certified under Sindirações Level 2 domestic program as an assured source for the ingredients which are not covered by the FAMI-QS scope; 

• Sindirações will deliver Module 2 of the FAMI-QS “Awareness in the Feed Safety” training program under the same conditions that prevailed for Module 1, Module 2 has already taken place March 12th in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The scope of the “FAMI-QS: Awareness in Feed Safety” program is to provide participants with necessary information about the FAMI-QS certification process, the FAMI-QS code requirements as well as interpretation of the code and EU legislation on feed safety and feed. Thereby, FAMI-QS contributes to spreading best hygiene practices in the industry for special ingredients worldwide. Training is provided on a voluntary basis.

An increasing number of people and Brazilian companies are concerned about feed quality and safety. More and more feed and feed additive products from Brazil are being developed and quickly exported. Local operators are therefore highly expected to improve their safety level.

The close cooperation between FAMI-QS Asbl and Sindirações aim to lead to better support for the domestic feed and feed additive operators as well as boost the quality and safety management in the Brazilian feed industry.