FEFANA launches redesigned website

Clear and simple define new website for EU Association of Specialty Feed Ingredients and their Mixtures
June 1, 2011

FEFANA launches redesigned website

FEFANA, the EU Association of Specialty Feed Ingredients and their Mixtures, has launched its reformatted website, incorporating a fresh layout and having a strong focus on information on the association and its business: FEFANA hopes that this site will be defined by two words: clear and simple.

A major goal of the reshaping was to make the website more functional and informative for a wide variety of users whilst providing a rewarding and enjoyable browsing experience. Improving communication with all stakeholders as well as offering a professional service to those who visit the new site clearly remain a top priority for FEFANA. The launch of the new website is a clear reflection of FEFANA’s intention to offer efficient services to its Members and Partners.

While still focusing on news and information about the Brussels-based association, the new website also highlights FEFANA's role as an interface between the specialty feed ingredient industry and the European Union or its Member States authorities. New links pointing to websites or mini-websites of the FEFANA national platforms will also reinforce the visibility of national professional federations and associations of the feed additive industry inside the FEFANA system. This will help to promote and safeguard the common interests of the industry.

Through the website, you will find more information about the general structure of FEFANA and instructions on how to apply for membership. There are also definitions of the types of ingredients used in the feed industry as well as information on EU regulations and the benefits of specialty feed ingredients.

A list of publications describing the activities and outputs of the association, latest news and position papers, a list of members and staff, links to FEFANA’s network of representative associations in Members States and contact information have also been displayed.

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