“Fish on farm" - Aquaculture at EuroTier 2006

Full range of products and services for modern fish farming - extended aquaculture area in Hall 23 - information and advice on the latest technologies
October 4, 2006

“Fish on farm" - Aquaculture at EuroTier 2006


For the third year in succession, aquaculture is set to attract an ever-growing audience of trade professionals to Hall 23 of EuroTier 2006, the International DLG Exhibition for Livestock & Poultry Production and Management, to be held -November 14 -17 in Hanover, Germany.


Full range of products and services for successful fish farming

With exhibitors from Austria, Denmark, Germany and the US, the aquaculture marketplace will be larger and more varied than at the previous EuroTier in 2004, the organisers say.


Exhibitors include leading suppliers of feed systems, oxygenation and aeration equipment as well as water treatment systems and energy equipment.


The exhibition also sees the return of trout egg suppliers from the US. For the first time, exhibitors will be showing every stage of fresh fish farming, from slaughtering, processing and refrigeration to presentation in an ultra-modern fish counter. Certification institutions and suppliers of measuring and control equipment will also be present for the first time ever.


Focus on recirculation systems

The largest area of the aquaculture exhibition will be occupied by recirculation systems. These systems require heated water and so use up a lot of energy. Exploiting waste heat recovery from biogas systems is therefore a growing topic of discussion.


This innovation and many others will be discussed in the daily “Aquaculture Forum”, in which a total of 45 experts and industry representatives talk about the latest industry issues and hold discussions with visitors. The following lectures are scheduled:


Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Aquaculture & general conditions
Assistance, challenges and perspectives for aquaculture

Aquaculture & bioenergy

Thermal energy as impulse of growth in fish farming

Aquaculture & the future

Trends and new systems


Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Aquaculture & feed, genetics & health

Foundations for growth

Aquaculture & day-to-day practices

Potential and perspectives from the fish farmers' viewpoint


Thursday 16 November 2006

Aquaculture & quality

High-quality fish at the fishmongers – trends and technologies for satisfied customers

Podium: Quality control "from pond to plate"

Retailing, producers, international certification, consumer protection


Friday 17 November 2006

Aquaculture & progress

Aquaculture and mariculture in recirculation systems – the global challenge of site-independent, controlled production of fish, crabs and molluscs.


Lectures are given in either German or English. Experts hail from Austria, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Norway, the UK, the US and the Netherlands. After the discussion session, all speakers will be happy to answer questions face-to-face in the aquaculture advice centre, located right next to the forum.


In this central meeting point, impartial institutions will also be on hand to deal with individual questions. Advice and support is provided by specialists from the Lower Saxony chamber of agriculture's consulting service, the DLG and the Association of German Freshwater Fisheries (VdBi). On Wednesday 15 November, the VdBi is also holding a general assembly for its members.


Niche areas such as fish production need the support of a strong partner in the exhibition market, providing them with an international platform on which to stimulate growth. As a showcase event for professional livestock breeding and a window into new markets, EuroTier is the ideal partner for the aquaculture segment.


Overlaps with the agribusiness segment are far more prominent than at the previous two exhibitions, including areas such as aeration, filter and pumping equipment and feed production, where algae are being tested as additives for compound feeds. Energy is also an important crossover area with aquaculture. In the run-up to EuroTier 2006, companies from both industries have joined forces to establish whether aquaculture could be a lucrative beneficiary of the waste heat generated by biogas systems.


“Hall 23 – the fishing grounds”

The aquaculture exhibition aims to provide an overview of the latest technology, highlight new developments and impart specialist knowledge and advice, guiding visitors to the right product, the right information and the right contact in the shortest possible time. And there's certainly no need to take a packed lunch! Fish farmers have already been lined up to provide mouthwatering fish specialities for visitors.  


For more information on aquaculture at EuroTier 2006, contact the DLG at Eschborner Landstrasse, 60489 Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Ulrich Hausmanns: or Dr Birgit Schmidt-Puckhaber:

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