GAA partners with FishChoice

The agreement will combine GAA’s aquaculture standards and expertise with FishChoice’s online platform designed to power progress on seafood sustainability.

GAA partners with FishChoice
July 22, 2021

The Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) and FishChoice entered into a strategic partnership, combining GAA’s aquaculture standards and expertise with FishChoice’s online platform designed to power progress on seafood sustainability.

FishChoice will join over 60 seafood associations and NGOs that are part of GAA’s strategic-partnership program, a network of partnerships that seeks to enhance communication and information sharing within the global aquaculture community. By connecting FishChoice with GAA’s network and industry knowledge, the collaboration represents a significant advancement in the way both organizations address the needs of the aquaculture community.

Under the partnership agreement, GAA will provide FishChoice with access to exclusive strategic partners-only communications and resources as well as GAA’s GOAL conference, virtual and in-person gatherings of leaders from across the global seafood value chain to share information related to production, sustainability, innovation, and market trends. FishChoice partners are also invited to join as free GAA strategic partner members and gain access to the above benefits.’s contributions to the seafood industry have been immense over the years. The work the organization does to simplify seafood for the industry and for consumers is vital,” said Maddie Cassidy, Membership Marketing manager at GAA. “We are excited to formalize the work that we do with, as both of our organizations are aligned on our ultimate goals: supporting the seafood industry and encouraging the consumption of seafood worldwide.”

Prior to this partnership, partners could highlight their Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification, managed by GAA, on their profile and applicable product listings. Now, features information about GAA and allows GAA members to highlight their membership directly on their partner profile. This will make it easier for the thousands of users to find GAA member businesses prioritizing sustainable aquaculture and/or source BAP-certified products.

“The BAP certification scheme has been one of our certification partners on for seven years. Through the new partnership, we look forward to adding GAA to our expanding list of sustainable seafood collaborators on the site and building on our previous relationship with GAA,” said Tim Mullin, program manager at FishChoice. “Partnering with GAA to share cutting-edge aquaculture information will allow us to further support and amplify businesses that carry sustainable aquaculture products.”

Several companies have already highlighted their GAA memberships on their profiles, including Kvarøy Arctic, Australis Aquaculture, Seattle Fish Company, Beaver Street Fisheries, Mazzetta Company, and Raw Seafoods.