GAA seeks nominees for SalmonTechnical Committee

Global Aquaculture Alliance is accepting nominations for members to serve on its new Best Aquaculture Practices Salmon Farm Technical Committee
March 4, 2009

GAA seeks nominees for SalmonTechnical Committee

The standards-setting organization for aquaculture seafood, the Global Aquaculture Alliance, is accepting nominations for members to serve on its new Best Aquaculture Practices Salmon Farm Technical Committee.

The 12-member BAP committee will draft facility certification standards for salmon farms under the direction of newly appointed Chairman John Forster, Ph.D. Its committee draft will be forwarded to the Standards Oversight Committee for approval before a 60-day period of public comment.

“We seek to build a strong and balanced committee whose standards will represent the best of today’s technology,” Forster said. “Standards development is vitally important, not just for seafood producers, but for the retailers and consumers who are seeking assurance that aquaculture products are wholesome and responsibly produced.”

The comprehensive, market-driven BAP program addresses food safety and traceability as well as environmental and social responsibility. The BAP standards are based on current best practices, but continuously evolve with advancing technology in a process open to stakeholder input. BAP certification confirms compliance with the standards through rigorous auditing and inspection procedures performed by independent evaluators.

GAA seeks nominees with technical expertise in salmon aquaculture and/or experience with current environmental and social issues that relate to salmon farming around the world. The target composition of the BAP committee includes a balance of varied stakeholders from regional industry associations, conservation or social justice non-governmental organizations, and academic or regulatory groups.

Committee members serve an initial term of three years and may be reappointed. Due to the international nature of committee membership, most meetings are held via audio conferencing and other electronic methods.

To submit a nomination, e-mail John Forster.

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