GLOBAL - Issue of oceans management is an opportunity for aquaculture development

A new report has identified alternative aquaculture technology as an important tool in reducing overfishing, and as a big business opportunity. Calysta\'s FeedKind is included in a list of products and companies that are highlighted for their economic potential and impact on preserving the ocean.
February 14, 2018

When the United Nations set out its Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, it was detailing not only an agenda for government and aid groups, but also one for business. Covering everything from global hunger to gender equality, the SDGs are a rich diet of opportunity. They show ways for companies to make money and to become engines of progress in the world.

A new report reframes the 17 SDGs along these lines, helping companies that say they want to enact an SDG agenda. It comes from Sustainia, a Danish think tank, as well as DNV GL, a Norwegian company, and the United Nations Global Compact, which works to bring companies into the SDG process. The report focuses on four SDGs that need most attention and some of the boldest action: inequality, responsible consumption, climate change, and oceans management.

Goal 14: Preserve The Oceans

The report looks at alternative forms of aquaculture that reduce reliance on traditional (over)fishing. FarmInABox is a flat-packed modular fish farm from South Africa. FeedKind is a fish feed produced from naturally occurring soil microbes. GreenWave is vertical farming for high-end edible seaweed...

Source: Fast Company // Original Article