Highlights from new UK Aquaculture Conference

Reports from Aquaculture Today, the new conference for the UK fish farming industry in a European context
April 19, 2005

Reports from Aquaculture Today, the new conference for the UK fish farming industry in a European context.

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Top offical hits at Norway salmon "running sore" 

You must make your product more practical to get into shoppers’ baskets, industry told at conference People trust Jamie Oliver more than the Food Standards Agency, UK conference on fishfarming told

Trade protection measures “curse” on future development of the industry
Work on self-regulation ideas for fish farming going well

Simplification to the rules affecting fish farms in Scotland is going well, the top UK conference on aquaculture has been told.
New dangers for fish farmers are emerging, HSE tell UK conference
Scotland PLC to be ahead of game with new code of practice, top UK aquaculture conference is told.
Minimum import price better than "nightmare" trade measures, salmon industry is told at key conference

"Crown jewels" must be protected - Scottish anti-pollution industry

"You don't get broiler chickens on a motorway" - salmon industry must sort out escapes

Shock as SAMS Ardtoe goes under
LONG-AWAITED new European Commission rules on fish welfare could be in place by the end of the year

Breeding allowing fish to fight disease successfully
Pancreas disease has cost the Norwegian and Irish aquaculture industries over 70m

Move offshore or miss out, UK aqua-farming conference told

Key Euro figure backs minimum import price
SCOTTISH aquaculture set for prosperous sustainable future, minister tells new UK conference

Scotland needs new Marine act, UK premier conference is told

Offshore sector should look to fish farmers

New report provides major boost

Trade war with Norway in critical phase, top EC official to tell leading UK conference

Seaweed could provide answer to environmental challenges of fish-farming

Aquaculture specialist says food scares should be taken with a pinch of salt