HQ Finalizes Feed Formulation Technology Partnership With Leading Chinese Institute for Aquaculture Products

Agreement enhances HQ's leadership in organic aquafeeds
February 8, 2007

HQ Finalizes Feed Formulation Technology Partnership With Leading Chinese Institute for Aquaculture Products

HQ Sustainable Maritime Industries, Inc. , a leader in toxin-free integrated aquaculture and aquatic product processing, announced that it has finalized a partnership agreement for organic aquaculture feed formulation with the Marine Products College of Huazhong Agriculture University in Wuhan.

The Marine Products College is recognized by the China Ministry of Agriculture as its leading aquaculture institute and a pioneer in the formulation of new feeds for aquaculture.

The agreement will allow HQ to further improve the quality of feeds for its tilapia farms, enhancing the quality of its "TiLoveYa"™ toxin-free brand. HQ expects to create a line of "TiLoveYa"™ products designated "organic" once the USDA has finalized American standards for freshwater pond-raised fish. HQ is also working with other leading American and Chinese scientists to consolidate its position as the leader in organic aquaculture feeds.

In December 2006, HQ broke ground for the first organic-extruded feed mill in Hainan, which will produce 100,000 tons of organic floating feed and is expected to be completed in the Fourth Quarter of 2007.

Norbert Sporns, CEO of HQ Sustainable Maritime, said, "China produces and exports more aquaculture products than any nation in the world. To this fertile aquaculture environment, HQ adds its passion for quality. HQ sources and deploys the best available technologies from China and abroad, while maintaining competitive pricing. American technologies accessed by HQ are key components of this knowledge base which is consolidating HQ's leadership role. The branding and marketing of our "TiLoveYa" toxin-free tilapia products, through our head office in Seattle, enhances consumer appreciation of HQ's premium products."

HQ Sustainable Maritime Industries, Inc. is an integrated aquaculture and aquatic product processing company, with operations based in the environmentally pristine island province of Hainan, in the South China Sea. HQ practices cooperative sustainable aquaculture, using nutraceutically enriched feeds and conducting fish processing and sales. The company is dedicated to sustainable toxin-free methods giving its customers the purest products possible.

The Company holds HACCP certification from the U.S. FDA and the EU Code assignment of quality, permitting its products to be sold in these international markets. It owns a nutraceuticals and health products company, which is HACCP certified, and produces and sells products subject to stringent laboratory tests certified by the China Ministry of Health. This plant produces nutraceuticals, which enrich feed used by HQ's cooperative aquaculture operations. In addition to headquarters in Seattle, HQ has operational offices in Haikou, Hainan.