HQ Sustainable brings feed mill online to produce innovative floating feed

All natural integrated aquaculture and aquatic product processing company brings Buhler mill online
August 18, 2009

HQ Sustainable brings feed mill online to produce innovative floating feed
HQ Sustainable Maritime Industries, Inc. an all natural integrated aquaculture and aquatic product processing company, including fish byproduct personal healthcare products, has completed its new aquafeed mill.

The Buhler mill was brought online following months of quality and efficiency testing in order to optimize production and to ensure that the mill met or exceeded the highest global HACCP and ISO standards as well as The European Regulation on Feed Hygiene FAMI-QS Management believes that this is an important step to control the quality of our fish products, vertical integration and traceability. The feed is formulated without the use of fish meal or fish oil, to alleviate the pressures on our oceans.Omega 3 will be added through all-natural algae meal to significantly increase omega 3 levels in fresh water inland farmed tilapia.

Buhler designed and manufactured the equipment that was chosen for the feedmill. Buhler considers the HQS processing plant a showcase of the latest technologies in this sector.

Improved feed conversion rates at competitive pricing allows HQS to provide the ideal feed for our operations in Hainan significantly improving the efficiency of the farms themselves. The extruded floating feed produced by the mill reduces waste, and, in turn, improves the feed conversion ratios of the farms.

Norbert Sporns, President and Chief Executive Officer of HQ Sustainable, commented, "We are very pleased to have the new feed mill now fully operational. We thank Buhler for making this a 'showcase' of the latest technologies available in aquaculture feed. This will allow us to provide superior feeds to our cooperative farmers in Hainan, but also to tap into the highly lucrative specialty aquaculture feeds market, servicing other China based and international aquaculture operations growing everything from grouper to abalone and crab. We are able to improve efficiency and reduce costs for our clients, and we are able to better control the quality of the final product."

Mr. Sporns concluded, "Consumers should consider the pressures placed on our oceans in their purchases. Farming and not 'hunter gathering' is the future. Our operations are the aquaculture of tomorrow... available today."

HQ Sustainable Maritime Industries, Inc., headquartered in the United States, is an integrated aquaculture and aquatic product processing company, with production facilities in Hainan, PRC. HQS also uses North American based production facilities for its new line of meal products. HQS practices cooperative sustainable aquaculture, using nutraceutically enriched feeds and produces and markets its products. The company is dedicated to sustainable all natural methods giving its customers the purest products possible. The Company holds HACCP certification from the U.S. FDA and the EU Code assignment of quality, permitting its products to be sold in international markets. The Aquaculture Certification Council, Inc. (ACC) certified that tilapia processing standards met Best Aquaculture Practices, and the Chinese government gave organic certification to the Company's tilapia production, processing, labeling, marketing and management system. The Company owns a nutraceuticals and health products subsidiary, which is HACCP and GMP certified, and produces and sells products subject to stringent laboratory tests certified by the China Ministry of Health. The Company has recently completed a 100,000 Metric Tonne annual production extruded Feed Mill with state-of-the-art extruded feed production equipment. This feed is highly efficient and is sold to the market and used by HQ's cooperative farmers. In addition to headquarters in Seattle, HQ has operational offices in Wenchang, Hainan. The Company's website is: