IFFO elects new management board members for 2022-2023

Gonzalo de Romaña, CEO of Tecnológica de Alimentos, was elected as president and Egil Magne Haugstad, CEO of Pelagia AS, as vice president.

IFFO elects new management board members for 2022-2023
February 1, 2022

Following elections for the new IFFO – The Marine Ingredients Organisation Management Board, Gonzalo de Romaña (former vice president) was elected as president and Egil Magne Haugstad as vice president.

Gonzalo de Romaña is CEO of the Peruvian fishmeal and fish oil producer Tecnológica de Alimentos (TASA). He has been a member of the IFFO Board of Directors since 2018. “I am delighted to carry on the work with IFFO, engaging with the whole marine ingredients value chain, supporting our members while addressing important topics, such as climate change, nutrition and responsible sourcing. More than ever, I am convinced that marine ingredients hold the key to an improved food production system, providing the most nutritious protein with a low carbon footprint.”

Egil Magne Haugstad is CEO of Pelagia AS. Pelagia’s head office is in Norway with fishmeal and fish oil factories in Norway, England, Scotland and Ireland. Pelagia is also the largest producer of pelagic seafood globally and high-quality omega-3 concentrates in Norway. The company also runs the biggest fleet of vessels collecting byproducts categories 3 and 2 from the salmon industry.

“Having been an IFFO board member for two years, I hope I can contribute to the development of IFFO being an organization supporting its members’ production of sustainable marine ingredients,” Haugstad said.

IFFO is truly grateful to its outgoing board members who have dedicated significant time and energy to help grow IFFO as a science-based organization with thought leadership: Anne Mette Baek, IFFO’s former president (2020-2021), Humberto Speziani, IFFO’s past president as well (2010-2011 and 2014-2015), Mike Copeland, IFFO’s past president (2016-2017), Scott Herbert and Juan Carlos Ferrer.

IFFO welcome to the board to Adriana Giudice, Walter Martinez, Nick Sterrett, Mohammed Shawkath Showry, Johannes Palsson, Andrè du Preez and José Miguel Tirado.