Invitation to provide input into a new version of IFFO RS

The International Fishmeal and Oil Organisation is inviting input into a new version of IFFO RS, the leading standard for the responsible sourcing of the marine ingredients
April 13, 2015

In order to maintain the credibility and relevancy of its leading standard, the IFFO RS’s Governance Board has decided to commit to an extensive review and the production of a new version of the standard (IFFO RS V2). To start this very important next stage, IFFO RS Ltd. has produced a draft Terms of Reference for a Technical Advisory Committee (the TAC will be the group entrusted to develop the new IFFO RS V2) and comments are welcomed on this draft. The purpose of this exercise is to gain input from all stakeholders that may wish to be involved in the development of IFFO RS V2.

The IFFO RS Governance Board is keen that the newly established TAC focus on a number of key areas for IFFO RS V2. These areas include the consideration of a credible and consistent methodology in which the management of mixed trawl fisheries could be assessed as a source of responsible raw material for marine ingredient production. In addition, other key developments will focus on the IFFO RS factory conformance criteria, assessing Good Manufacturing practices and reducing environmental risks during the production processes. The TAC will also be asked to consider additional conformance criteria to assess the social and welfare rights of employees in factories, as well as looking at how reassurance can be obtained on the conditions of workers on the supplying fishing vessels.

“Stakeholder involvement is very important for the development and credibility of the IFFO RS Certification Programme. We therefore welcome and encourage any comments or feedback regarding the TAC terms of reference, as well as on the overall standard. We look forward to launching IFFO RS V2 and continuing to promote more responsible fisheries management and marine ingredient production practices.”

To download the full TAC Terms of Reference document please click here or go to . For comments and information regarding this process please visit the IFFO RS website or contact IFFO RS secretariat at