I&V Bio, Skretting sign partnership for Artemia enrichment

The companies have joined forces to enhance the nutritional value of Artemia using ORI-N3.

Credits: Skretting
November 8, 2023

I&V Bio and Skretting signed a strategic partnership for Artemia enrichment. Leveraging the innovative prowess of I&V Bio and Skretting's industry expertise, the collaboration aims to redefine the standards of aquaculture nutrition through the application of ORI-N3, Skretting’s cutting-edge nutritional supplement in Artemia enrichment.

Artemia, often referred to as brine shrimp, serves as a vital component in the early stages of various aquatic species' life cycles. Ensuring the optimal nutrition of Artemia is essential for the healthy growth and development of shrimp in aquaculture systems. I&V Bio and Skretting recognize the importance of this foundation and have joined forces to enhance the nutritional value of I&V Bio Group's Artemia using ORI-N3.

ORI-N3, developed by Skretting, is a nutritional supplement enriched with essential proteins, lipids, and micronutrients. This advanced formula is specifically designed to boost the nutritional content of Artemia, providing a balanced and comprehensive diet for early-stage aquatic species. With its unique composition, ORI-N3 ensures optimal growth rates, improved resistance to diseases, and enhanced overall health for shrimp.

“Skretting brings a wealth of experience and a vast global distribution network to this partnership. Their deep understanding of the aquaculture industry and commitment to sustainability aligns seamlessly with I&V Bio's vision of revolutionizing aquaculture nutrition,” the company said.

The partnership between I&V Bio and Skretting represents a significant step toward sustainable aquaculture practices. By enhancing the nutritional quality of Artemia through ORI-N3, both companies aim to contribute to the overall well-being of aquatic species and, consequently, the sustainability of the entire aquaculture ecosystem.

I&V Bio is currently operating in Thailand, India at Kakinada, Gudur and Odisha, Indonesia at Lampung and Situbondo, Vietnam, Ecuador, Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia with Naqua. The company is currently building a new joint venture facility in Hainan, China.