King crab gets special feed

The first specially designed feed for King crab is being tested in Norway
May 18, 2005

Norwegian fisheries and aquaculture research institute Fiskeriforskning is in the process of testing the first specially designed feed for King crab.

There are special requirements for the feed's properties, including long durability in the sea. It must also be easily accessible to the crab. The new dry feed is being tested on both wild-caught and farmed King crab.

The special feed is developed at Fiskeriforskning's Feed Centre, with a basis in the Institute's long experience with feeding new farmed species.

Measuring the meat content

Simultaneously with the testing of the new feed, the scientists are also testing a new method for measuring the meat content in the crab.

By taking a simple blood test of the King crab, it can be ascertained how much meat is in its legs. The meat content is crucial for the price one can get for the crab.

"So far, the tests appear very promising", says Project Manager Sten Siikavuopio at Fiskeriforskning.

The tests are taking place at ContRace's crab farm in Vardø. The feed tests and tests with new measuring methods are being done in collaboration with MABIT (the research project Marine Biotechnology in Tromsø) and Møreforskning, respectively.


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