Knut Nesse to take over from Wout Dekker as CEO Nutreco earlier than announced

Nutreco CEO Wout Dekker will handover to Knut Nesse on August 1, 2012; Viggo Halseth nominated for appointment as Executive Board member
May 24, 2012

Nutreco announces today that Wout Dekker will hand over his responsibilities as CEO on August 1, 2012 to Knut Nesse. The current Managing Director of Skretting Northern Europe and Australia, Viggo Halseth, will be nominated for appointment to the Executive Board of Nutreco and Chief Operating Officer Aquaculture at the upcoming Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on 23 July 2012. In both capacities Viggo Halseth will succeed Knut Nesse.


Wout Dekker commented: "On  February 9 of this year we  announced that Knut Nesse will succeed me by the end of 2012 as CEO of Nutreco. Since then we have witnessed the continuing strong momentum of Nutreco's business as we have been able to reconfirm in our first quarter results. The confidence in our strategy and the execution of our plans is strongly supported by our shareholders and other stakeholders. Knut is ready to take over and start in his new role as CEO. Now that we have our topstructure in place, I am more than comfortable to make room somewhat earlier than anticipated". 

Jan-Maarten de Jong, Chairman of the Supervisory Board said: "Since February we have concentrated on a transfer of responsibilities and considered the future composition of the Executive Board. We are happy that with Viggo Halseth we can nominate an internal candidate as the successor of Knut Nesse. Being with Nutreco since 1984 and having served the company in a broad range of managerial roles, Viggo Halseth has fulfilled an important role in the success of our Aquaculture division. Viggo is best positioned to succeed Knut as Executive Board member and COO Aquaculture. After his appointment, as from  August 1, 2012 the Nutreco Executive Board will consist of Knut Nesse (CEO), Gosse Boon (CFO), Jerry Vergeer (COO Animal Nutrition) and Viggo Halseth (COO Aquaculture)".