Leading EU organizations partner to create the most sustainable salmon of the future

Nofima, InnovaFeed, Corbion Algae Ingredients, Cargill, SINTEF Ocean and Auchan will collaborate to accelerate innovation and optimize insect and algae-based omega 3s ingredients in salmon aquafeeds.

Leading EU organizations partner to create the most sustainable salmon of the future
Photo credits: Helge Skodvin, Nofima

August 23, 2021

Nofima launched the Millennial Salmon Project with partners across the value chain to accelerate the development of sustainable solutions for the future of farmed salmon. The goal of the four-year project is to create the most sustainable-farmed salmon using novel ingredients from the circular economy and with a low carbon footprint while addressing the initiative’s “millennial principles of life” – living healthy, leading a purposeful life, trusting peers, and considering their societal and environmental impacts.” 

With a €1.3 million budget, the Millennial Salmon Project is primarily funded by the Research Council of Norway and is made up of leading organizations, Nofima, InnovaFeed, Corbion Algae Ingredients, Cargill, SINTEF Ocean and Auchan.  

The project will study two alternative feed ingredients – protein-rich, insect-based feed ProtiNova from InnovaFeed, and algae-based omega 3s, AlgaPrimeTM DHA from Corbion, both of which offer minimal land use. The evidence-based study will test the levels that are required to optimize the physical and nutritional needs of salmon, discover the practical and functional properties of both alternatives, as well as demonstrate the environmental and societal aspects of the suggested innovations. SINTEF Ocean will be conducting a life cycle analysis of the resulting Millennial Salmon feed.  

“This project is one critical piece to pave the way for a healthier and more sustainable salmon. We are pleased to collaborate with leading organizations across the value chain. By joining forces, we are accelerating the innovation in the sector to find new solutions to increase the flexibility in the choice of sustainable raw materials for future fish feed,” said Katerina Kousoulaki, project leader and senior scientist at Nofima.  

The Millennial Salmon Project was formed as a response to the critical need to accelerate the global momentum around sourcing, scaling and developing sustainable, alternative solutions for aquaculture and to address changing consumer behavior. The project addresses this industry demand by working to provide an integrated solution to salmon farmers that balances the raw materials in the feed basket and provides greater flexibility from the use of finite marine resources and land-demanding resources by 2025. The Millennial salmon will not only be a healthy product for the consumer but also a healthier farmed animal, fed and grown with higher levels of omega-3s derived from microalgae.

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