LNG installation for Mowi's new fish feed factory

Fuelgarden Energy has commissioned the LNG installation of the feed factory at Kyleakin, Scotland.

LNG installation for Mowi's new fish feed factory
August 15, 2019

Fuelgarden Energy has designed and project managed the construction of a 2000 m3 liquified natural gas (LNG) terminal Mowi to provide thermal energy to Mowi’s new fish feed factory at Kyleakin in Scotland. The fish feed factory, with an estimated cost of £125 million, will produce fish feed to Mowi´s salmon fish farms in Scotland, Ireland and the Faroe Islands. The LNG terminal is mechanically complete, with commissioning planned for 3Q19. While waiting for the LNG terminal to be started up, Fuelgarden Energy has designed and commissioned a mobile LNG installation that is supplying natural gas to the fish feed factory on a temporary basis.

Mowi´s Project Director, Mick Watts, said that “we are very pleased that Fuelgarden managed to find a way to temporarily supply our newbuilt fish feed factory with natural gas on such short notice. From the time of the project decision to the time of commissioning it only took them about three months. The LNG installation is currently supplying the natural gas we require.”

The new Mowi factory has also received some complaints about odor according to local news. The company has accepted the issue and has introduced a monitoring program to record the odor emissions from the feed mill to solve the issue.