MarinTrust introduces Chain of Custody's new version

The new version includes new features such as new audit technologies, recognition of other standards, a new risk assessment framework and controls of the traceability system.

MarinTrust introduces Chain of Custody’s new version
September 2, 2020

MarinTrust released the new version of Chain of Custody that will go into effect on November 30, 2020, when applications will begin. A transition period will follow and will be announced in due course.

The new version of MarinTrust's Chain of Custody includes new features such as:

  • audit technologies to obtain the origin of certified marine ingredients that comply with MarinTrust,
  • recognition of other standards (such as those recognized by GFSI) and standards of regulatory authorities,
  • a new risk assessment framework,
  • new controls of the traceability system.

Purchasers of Chain of Custody (CoC) certified material should be aware that without CoC certification, there is no guarantee that the material is MarinTrust CoC certified and sourced from MarinTrust certified producers. If the ownership of a CoC certified product is passed on to a merchant for sale to an approved buyer, that merchant must also obtain CoC certification to maintain product integrity and a seamless supply chain.

“We want to provide the industry with a clear and up-to-date statement of our Chain of Custody Certification requirements. Its main objectives are to ensure that full traceability of marine ingredients is maintained throughout the supply chain, without the use of illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing materials. In addition, this new version guarantees a certified claim on a food product or fish oil that it uses marine ingredients that originate from a certified MarinTrust factory. It is essential both to the credibility of our clients and to our standards,” said Francisco Aldon, CEO of MarinTrust.

“As the only MarinTrust certified merchant in Greece, Distral was delighted to support MarinTrust's trial of the chain of custody V2.0 before its launch. Maintaining a transparent and innovative traceability assurance system requires constant efforts and a collaborative mind with people who operate in the field, who contribute to maintaining the relevant and updated standard,” said Stelios Stamboli, CEO of Distral.