More Americans eating seafood

A new survey shows that 47% of all adult Americans consume more seafood now than they did five years ago.
September 22, 2003

With October's National Seafood Month approaching, a new survey by Harris Interactive(R) reveals that almost half (47 percent) of all adult Americans consume more seafood now than they did five years ago.  Almost seven in ten Americans (68 percent) say the reason they have been eating more seafood is because it is a welcome alternative to meat and chicken.  Furthermore, many are eating it for the health benefits - almost two in five Americans (39 percent) eat seafood because of recent studies that show that consuming seafood is healthy for your heart.

  The survey, commissioned by Red Lobster, also discovered that:

   * Americans are eating seafood on a regular basis. Almost three in four Americans (73 percent) say they eat seafood at least once a month, while approximately two in four Americans (45 percent) eat seafood once a week or more.

   * Shellfish and salmon are the most frequently eaten types of seafood. More than half of all Americans (55 percent) say they often eat shrimp (in the survey, "often" was defined as at least "once a month"), while about one in three (32 percent) say they often eat salmon and about one in four (23 percent) often eat crab.  Next in line, Americans said they often eat cod (14 percent), tuna (12 percent), lobster (10 percent) and rainbow trout (10 percent).

   * Most Americans dine out when it comes to eating seafood.While two in five Americans (40 percent) eat seafood more frequently  at home, nearly half of those surveyed (48 percent) eat seafood more often at a restaurant.

"Seafood is so popular with Americans because it can be prepared very easily in a number of creative ways," said Keith Keogh, executive chef for Red Lobster, the world's largest casual dining seafood company.  "Seafood can be prepared spicy or mild, grilled or sauteed, creamy or plain.  It can be made as an Asian stir-fry or as a Spanish paella.  There are very few other types of food that allow you to be this creative."