Need fishmeal? Buy it now

Prices are high and availability low and worsening, says trader
January 15, 2004

The normal end of season fishing ban comes into place tomorroe (Friday) and if you thought that fishmeal supplies were tight and prices high before, then just try to buy something now, Wayne Bacon of Hammersmith Marketing says.

Availability is not expected to improve until April or May.
Bacon advises that there will still be fishing in some of the southern ports but this is always at quite a low level at this time of year and freight logistics from these ports are high.

"I would expect that prices will move higher and that buyers will have to take whatever they can get or switch to another protein source". "That's a laugh - all protein sources are in short supply and high priced at present", he added.
"My advice is that if you need fishmeal between now and April you should buy as soon as possible as it is all going to disappear."

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