New aquaculture website

The aquaculture industry has a new source of news and information.
May 18, 2004

The Aquaculture Communications Group’s Web-based aquaculture information network, at, will deliver news, information and knowledge from a wide variety of sources to the aquaculture industry worldwide. 

Using New Media and other rapidly developing digital technologies, ACG will provide information in the form of text, digital audio, digital video and animation to enhance information transfer and understanding.  This multimedia approach will facilitate industry development through better information dissemination.  It will also serve as a powerful tool in public education and issues awareness.

“ACG is focused on developing a communications vehicle for industry participants such as associations and federations, producers, suppliers and related groups,” said Fossbakk. “The Web is becoming the primary means for gathering current news and information because of its speed and global reach.  More importantly, the Web offers the aquaculture industry the opportunity to present itself to the world without bias or interference from mainstream media or special interest groups.”

The Aquaculture Communications Group (ACG) is a full service multimedia communications company providing specialized services to the global aquaculture industry.  ACG was created in April 2003 by Tor-Eddie Fossbakk and Dave Conley, two well-known aquaculture communications professionals with a combined industry experience of 35 years.  Prior to the formation of ACG, Mr. Fossbakk was the Aquaculture editor for, while Mr. Conley was an aquaculture communications consultant and creator of Aquaculture Newsclips, a daily e-newsletter for aquaculture industry members, with a distribution of almost 3,000 persons worldwide.