New developments in fish feed and pet food extrusion - Norway

FôrTek at UMB and Bühler to present a five day extrusion course
June 26, 2006

New developments in fish feed and pet food extrusion


September 4-8, 2006

Norwegian University of Life Sciences,

Aas, Norway

for continuing education

Researchers/teachers from The Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB) and Bühler will give theoretical lessons on topics related to chemical changes during processing, effects on nutritional value and the interaction with extrusion processing techniques. The course will also include practical demonstrations at FôrTek’s extrusion facility.


The course is designed for mid-to high level processing personnel in the feed industry. Personnel with responsibility for new recipes and feed processing developments will in particular profit from the course.


The academic level of the course will also make it relevant for scientists from universities and research institutions with a particular interest in feed processing, including PhD-students, and for government staff working with feed processing regulations. Participants need to have a basic theoretical background in feed, feeding and production.


Topics covered include:

• Trends in aquaculture feed and pet food production

• Extrusion technology and impact of extrusion on structure and feeding value of starch, protein, fat and fiber

• Demonstrations of how to measure gelatinisation, effects of different starch and protein sources on extruder settings and physical quality

• Theory on density control and vacuum coating

• Demonstration of raw versus heat treated vegetable protein on

the extrusion process

• Changes in conditioner end extruder settings for fish diets with

high vegetable ingredient content

• Nutritional aspects and flavor development of fermented cereals

• Demonstration of using fermented cereals and fresh meat and


• Excursion to the facilities for feed evaluation using mink and


• Demonstration of low energy pet food production


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The course will be lead by Dr. Jessica Kathle, head Department of Animal and Aquacultural Sciences at UMB, and Dr. Trygve Skjevdal, head of the Animal Experimental Centre and FôrTek, UMB. The practical course leader is Dr. Nils Raastad, a former senior researcher in feed technology at UMB and with more than 35 years background in feed industry.


The scientific and technical content of this course will be led by Dr. Birger Svihus and Dipl.Ing. Konrad Munz. The former is a professor in animal nutrition and a leading scientist within the area of feed processing at UMB, while the latter is a world recognized technical expert in extrusion through his work in the extrusion equipment supplier Bühler.


The course will be held at The Norwegian University of Life Sciences in Aas, 35 km southeast of Oslo.


Deadline for registration is August 1, 2006


For more information and to register, contact:

Dr. Birger Svihusl: or Dr. Nils Raastad: w developments