New nursery feeds from Aquafauna Bio-Marine

New, all natural, closed culture purity nursery feeds from Aqua fauna Bio-Marine, target extended nursery stages in shrimp.
February 25, 2016

Multi-stage shrimp culture before pond growout is widely used to extend the period when biosecurity and better nutrition can be applied economically to yield the best quality seed.

Aquafauna Bio-Marine, Inc (ABM), known for its flaked and spray-dried AlgaMac 3050 (live algae replacement and enrichment), AlgaMac Protein Plus (Rotifer culture), RED AlgaMac (Rotifer/Artemia enrichment), ArteMac AR (Artemia Replacement), AstaRose Astaxanthin and ABM 4000 Formulated Diets, is introducing a flake supplement diet designed for shrimp culture’s extended nursery stage (PL-10 and up), where growth and survival to pre-pond stocking weight is achieved.

Pro AlgaMac SCP and Pro AlgaMac SCP PLUS (added protein and lipids) are based on single-cell protein (SCP), fats, carbohydrates and other trace components/amino acids and are terrestrial grain-free and fishmeal/fish oil-free. Non-GMO, SCP is derived from algae and yeast in a whole or broken cell format for better digestibility and grown under heterotrophic or phototrophic controlled cultured conditions.

Pro AlgaMac-SCP is a supplemental diet to boost nutrient levels in existing regimens without adding additional ocean or manufacturing contaminants coming from fishmeal/oil or terrestrial grains as the carbohydrate/protein components. Pro AlgaMac SCP PLUS includes added carotenoids and lipids from algae to boost omega-3 fatty acids.

Pro AlgaMac-SCP and SCP PLUS are offered in flake form that remains suspended under light aeration up to 12 hours. These whole cell components have better anti-leaching properties. Unlike some commercial pellets, SCP meals have less than 3% moisture compared to less than 8% for pellets, thus a 5% savings off the top.

Pro AlgaMac-SCP and SCP PLUS are one-step preparations. The user can hydrate the flakes in a shaker with seawater and dispense them directly into raceways, or hand mix them and then add them to nursery tanks or raceways. If a smaller sized flake is desired, you can crush them though a mesh bag before hydration. They are very thin for ease of hydration or crushing.

ABM pioneered the drum and spray dried technology for pure single cell-based diets with its flagship “AlgaMac” series. It has a globally respected collection of affordable diets 30 years in the making for most needs in shrimp and fish culture. Since half of the world’s output of seafood is farm-raised, quality and cost are of equal importance especially in shrimp culture due to its commodity basis.

Several forms of these SCP diets have been tested with fish, shellfish and crustacean larvae/postlarvae. The SCP line is a 100% transition to single cells as its base source of nutrition.

Samples available by email