Nicovita unveils innovative feed that takes care of shrimp pond soil

The new line of products maintains constant organic matter levels during the grow-out stage without requiring additional bioremediation procedures.

Nicovita team at Aqua Expo 2023. Credits: Nicovita
October 30, 2023

At Aqua Expo Guayaquil, Nicovita unveiled a new line of products, Proterra. The new line is the result of more than two years of scientific research in different growing conditions, resulting in a product that provides high-quality nutrition for shrimp, preserves the environment and protects the crop.

Proterra is a mix of sporulated Bacillus sp. strains that begin their action in the digestive tract of shrimp. When the active particles come into contact with the moisture present in the shrimp's digestive system, it triggers the activation of compounds that interrupt the nitrogen cycle, preventing the formation of additional nitrogenous compounds. This process is maintained after being converted into feces, continuing to act when they reach the ground, which prevents the increase of the levels of organic matter.

Proterra was tested on shrimp farms with different types of soil and culture densities in their pools, resulting in the maintenance of organic matter levels throughout the culture process until harvest.

Proterra allows maintaining constant organic matter levels during the grow-out stage from 3g until harvest with culture densities up to 7,000 lbs/ha without requiring additional bioremediation procedures. This translates into a more efficient process, saving time and resources for farmers.

“Sustainability is not just a responsibility, it is an opportunity for growth. With Proterra, shrimp farmers can not only meet the most demanding standards but also open up to new markets and improve efficiency in the use of resources. This commitment to sustainability not only ensures a greener future but also a more prosperous future for the shrimp industry,” the company said.