NORWAY - Mainstream Norway depopulates one site in Finnmark due to PD

Mainstream Norway has confirmed Panceras Disease at the farming site Ytre Kloven in Langfjorden in Finnmark, Norway

August 23, 2012

Mainstream Norway has confirmed PD (Panceras Disease) at the farming site Ytre Kloven in Langfjorden in Finnmark, Norway.

Mainstream alerted the Food Authority yesterday about suspected PD at the site, but the company's own tests results which were completed this evening confirmed PD. The site contains 740,000 fish of average weight 0.7 kg.  

Depopulated of the site will be started immediately, not awaiting the Food Authority's testing or possible requirements from the Food Authority. 

The current book value of the biomass is approximately NOK 20 mill.

The site was planned harvested in second half of 2013 delivering approximately 3.7 thousand tonnes gutted weight.

PD was last seen in Finnmark in 2008. As a part of Mainstream preventive fish health practice fish in Ytre Kloven were screened (by RT-PCR) for PD in July and found negative. 

Mainstream has two other sites in Langfjorden area. New testing on PD will be initiated on these sites as a part of the  monitoring of the situation.


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