Norwegian Research Institute Strengthens European Ties

Fiskeriforskning strengthens collaboration with European research communities and becomes the second Norwegian member of EFARO
June 24, 2006

Norwegian Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture Research, Fiskeriforskning, has joined EFARO, a European forum with the goal of stimulating collaboration in fisheries and aquaculture research in Europe.
Together with the Institute of Marine Research (IMR), Fiskeriforskning will represent Norwegian marine research interests in Europe.

EFARO will facilitate the use of infrastructure and other resources by member organisations to leverage the full potential of such collaboration.

"Fiskeriforskning can now help lay the premises for marine research in Europe, and we are getting the opportunity to play on teams with the best actors in this area", said Ivan C. Burkow, managing director. The institute's vision of "Greater value from the sea" fits well in with EFARO's work, which also has as a goal to work with economic and social issues in fishing and aquaculture.