Feed tailored for tuna to solve sea slime occurrence on Malta’s coastline

A six-week pilot project will test the use of a new diet for tuna in Malta specially manufactured to substitute oil-leaking baitfish.

Source: Sustainable Kinetics
September 14, 2022

According to local news, a new feed has been specifically tailored for tuna to stop the leak of oil or other nutrients into the sea from the farms. The trial will start on the coast of Marsaxlokk until the end of October.

Sustainable Kinetics, the company that formulated and manufactured the new tuna feed, has designed the product to be eco-friendly and economically advantageous. According to the producer, the new feed will not leak any oil or nutrients into the sea to radically eliminate the slime problem. Furthermore, as Sustainable Kinetics highlights, using feed instead of baitfish will also solve the problem of seasonality. While baitfish is a variable resource, the manufactured diet is stable and of better quality throughout the year.

Although the new feed may be more expensive, it has been tailored to be more nutritive than baitfish. As a result, less feed will be required to feed the tuna compared to the traditional diet. Consequently, since less feed is required, this will also result in logistic simplification that will lower the CO2 emissions.

The new feed will be more sustainable and cost-efficient and will support better tuna performance and growth rate, making it more advantageous than traditional diets based on baitfish, the company concluded.