Nutreco and BluePlanet join forces

AquaVision becomes centrepiece of first World Aquaculture Forum
May 31, 2005

When BluePlanet opens its first ever World Aquaculture Forum , September 19-31, 2006, Nutreco’s highly successful AquaVision conference will be a key part of the event.

“Nutreco is one of the founding owners of BluePlanet, and I strongly believe in the ideas and goals of this organisation. AquaVision is a valuable asset to Nutreco, but we are convinced that the conference can reach even further through the partnership with BluePlanet and by putting it into the context of World Aquaculture Forum,” says Nutreco CEO, Wout Dekker.

Nutreco is the driving force behind the biennial AquaVision conferences in Stavanger, Norway. The company initiated the first conference in 1996, and has since been the main organiser throughout its history. With five successful events logged and more than 1,400 top executives, politicians and regulators as participants, the sixth underlines the ambition for AquaVision to be the number one strategic forum for the entire aquaculture industry.

Flagship Conference
BluePlanet’s objective is to boost the development of sustainable aquaculture and Nutreco has played a major role in this initiative from the very beginning in 2004. The aim of BluePlanet is to create the world’s leading network and meeting places for the global aquaculture industry, with World Aquaculture Forum as its flagship event.

Marine Harvest, Skretting, PanFish, Fjord Seafood, Sparebank 1-gruppen, EWOS, IFFO (International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organisation) and AKVAsmart are among the companies and institutions that are part of the initiative.

Demonstrating governance
“We are very fortunate to have a company such as Nutreco as a market leader in one of the vital parts of the aquaculture value chain. The decision to let AquaVision become a part of World Aquaculture Forum — where all responsible companies in and around aquaculture are welcome to participate — demonstrates Nutreco’s commitment to sustainable aquaculture through corporate governance,” says the chairman of BluePlanet’s board of directors, PanFish CEO Atle Eide.

World Aquaculture Forum will bring together the leaders of the global aquaculture industry with politicians and regulators, investors, customers — including retailers and processors. It will also attract researchers, issue groups, media and other stakeholders from all over the world. In addition to a top executives’ meeting place there will be a number of other professional and in-depth conference forums focusing on issues such as finance, business development, R&D, fish health, consumer trends, market development and marketing, and retailing.

Unique value-chain approach
World Aquaculture Forum’s value chain approach is unique. It will take place in Stavanger, Norway — the world’s leading aquaculture country — as have the previous AquaVision conferences. Stavanger has multi-activity aquaculture clusters within a relatively short travel distance. World Aquaculture Forum will take advantage by making these value chains part of live exhibitions and excursions during World Aquaculture Forum 2006. AquaVision will be the key strategic forum of the conference.

Key objectives are to exchange information and ideas, to identify and discuss future challenges, to debate and decide, and to advance modern aquaculture as a sustainable source of healthy protein food that meets the requirements of the consumer, the environment and society at large.

AquaVision 2006 again incorporates the FAO Eastfish Salmon Summit, as in 2002 and 2004. Nutreco will still play a key role in planning the conference and designing its content, but now in partnership with BluePlanet.

This unique global business forum will take place in Stavanger in the south of Norway, the world’s leading aquaculture country.