Oceanic Institute seeks new president

Farewell departs Oceanic Institute; Pruder appointed interim president
Oceanic Institute seeks new president
March 31, 2004

Tom Farewell (right) and Hawai'i Pacific University President, Chatt G. Wright seen celebrating the contract of affiliation and cooperation between HPU and The Oceanic Institute (OI) June 6, 2003.

The Board of Trustees of the Oceanic Institute, Waimānalo, Hawai‘i, has announced the appointment of Gary D. Pruder, Ph.D. as Interim President, replacing Thomas E. Farewell, Ph.D.  No reason was provided for this change in leadership.

“Gary Pruder is a proven leader, who is familiar with the operations of the Institute, and who will capably manage the Institute,” stated Chatt G. Wright, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Oceanic Institute.  “Gary joined the Institute in 1984 as Project Manager and Coordinator of the U.S. Marine Shrimp Farming Program.  In 1997 he became Vice President, Research Programs and in 2000 he was promoted to Executive Vice President.”

A search committee, comprised of several members of the Board of Trustees of the Oceanic Institute has been formed to select candidates for the position of President of the Institute.  The local and national search is expected to take no more than three months.

“The Oceanic Institute has a bright future, and the Board of Trustees is confident that the Institute’s qualified scientists will continue to make notable contributions toward the development of technologies and applications for marine aquaculture and that the Institute’s technology transfer, professional training, and education programs will continue to benefit Hawai‘i and the nation,” continued Wright.


The Oceanic Institute, located in Hawai‘i, was founded in 1960. The Institute is a not-for-profit, applied research organization dedicated to the development of technology and applications in aquaculture, environmental science, and marine biotechnology.   The Oceanic Institute is affiliated with Hawai‘i Pacific University (See Hawai'i Pacific University and The Oceanic Institute join forces)