Olivier Decamp returns to INVE

Decamp will serve as the business development director for health products and will lead the R&D team.

August 1, 2023

INVE (part of Benchmark) announced the return of Olivier Decamp to its team as R&D director and business development director for health. A seasoned veteran in the field with over 25 years of expertise, Decamp's homecoming marks a significant milestone in the company's pursuit of innovation and sustainable growth.

Decamp's journey with INVE Aquaculture began in 2002 when he dedicated almost two decades to advancing the industry through various roles in R&D and product management. His contributions were instrumental in developing a diverse range of products and services aimed at achieving sustainable growth through health and environment solutions and knowledge services. With a specialization in intensive shrimp farming, he possesses field knowledge across Asia and the Americas, from small-scale farms to large corporations. In 2021, he embarked on a new venture with Grobest as group technical, marketing, and product director.

In his new dual role, Decamp will serve as the business development director for health products, paving the way for new market opportunities. Simultaneously, he will lead the R&D team, leveraging his extensive field experience and in-depth product knowledge to drive innovation. Olivier's customer-centric approach aligns perfectly with the company's Care For Growth mindset, enabling INVE Aquaculture to anticipate industry trends, address emerging challenges, and seize promising opportunities. With Decamp’s return, the company anticipates an even more vibrant future, fueled by collaborative efforts and passion.

“Olivier rejoining INVE emphasizes our focus on improving bioremediation and health solutions through customer-centric partnerships, reducing operational issues into a more predictable business environment. Additionally, our commitment to bringing research and innovation closer to the market, resulting in enhanced collaboration between product, commercial and technical support, will accelerate the delivery of customer solutions,” said commercial director Fernando García.

“I am very happy to rejoin INVE Aquaculture, after these two and a half years spent in the shrimp grow-out market. I look forward to working with fantastic colleagues and partners to develop and deliver innovative solutions to our customers,” said Decamp.