OSHA Inspections Webcast

Thursday, December 14, 2-3:30 pm (ET) from AFIA Headquarters (open to members and non-members of AFIA)
November 15, 2006

OSHA Inspections Webcast

Thursday, December 14, 2-3:30 pm (ET) from AFIA Headquarters

AFIA is offering its members and interested non-members the opportunity to participate in AFIA’s next Webcast Technical Symposium.

Modeled after the AFIA’s FDA inspection webcast, this OSHA Inspection webcast will detail what to expect during an OSHA inspection, including the obligations and legislative authority of OSHA and responsibilities of regulated facilities.

The program will feature AFIA Director of Feed Manufacturing and Training Keith Epperson and member firm representatives from the AFIA Production Compliance Committee.

After the broadcast, each registered participant will be sent a compliance guide and copy of the webcast in CD format.

Questions may be submitted by the participants before, during or after the webcast.

This webcast will be approximately 1.5 hours in length, including the question period.

To register complete the attached form or register online at and forward to AFIA at least two days before the broadcast.

The price is $239 for AFIA members including members of state/regional feed/grain associations that are AFIA members); $479 for non-members to cover the broadcast, and the broadcast will be recorded by AFIA. This price is per downlink site (computer).

A CD-ROM of the broadcast is included in the registration cost. After confirmation of payment, AFIA will forward the website address, teleconference number and password to access the webcast.

After registering for the webcast and prior to it, AFIA’s webcast supplier will provide specific instructions for use and how to check your computer to see that the latest software is loaded to make the webcast operate.

Webcasting is the latest technology, which is best utilized by high-speed communication lines, but can be used by modem lines as well.

To access the webcast, each participant will go to a website provided after registration, enter a password and other information and be placed into the live webcast. However, AFIA’s webcast supplier allows for sound to be sent via your computer (if you are utilizing speakers), so no phone need be used.

If you choose to use the phone for listening, a toll free number will be provided. On your computer screen you will see the first of the slides to be used. You will hear the presenter either over the phone or your computer and view his/her slides online. All lines will be muted from the start. If a participant wishes to ask a question during the presentation, you simply type the question using your computer keyboard. Questions will be kept in a queue and answered as time permits or after the webcast via email.

Webcasting makes use of several technologies at once and reduces costs considerably by saving travel and time costs to get to meetings. AFIA is utilizing this new technology with increasing frequency to detail technical and regulatory information. For more information on this technology or webcast, contact Angee Powell at AFIA at 703/524-0810 or

More details and registration are available on