PDV reviews GMP+ system

European feed regulatory body updates structure of GMP code
June 8, 2005

The Product Board Animal Feed (PDV), the Netherlands-based regulatory organization for businesses and employees in thel feed production chain, has updated the GMP+ system. The review was undertaken to account for modified international regulations, globalization of the quality assurance system and a lack of accessibility in the old system

The changes, which came into effect June 1, 2006,  include more effective imposition of sanctions, standardization of audits, reduction of the number of mandatory procedures and a quality standard for certifying bodies.

The new structure is comparable to the Integral Chain Management regulations, making  it easier for measures and sanctions to be imposed. If there is a suggestion that a company is not complying with the regulations, the PDV can now also issue binding instructions to certification bodies, including forcing them to carry out an immediate audit.

The GMP+ scheme has also been simplified so that the standards for the production of compound feeds, premixes, feed materials and additives have been combined into a single new standard. This means less of an administrative burden for companies that carry out multiple activities. A reduction in procedures has been brought about by removing as much duplication as possible in the new GMP+ and by bundling the requirements for purchasing. The latter also applies to the product norms and monitoring requirements.

The reviewed certification scheme allows GMP+ to comply with the latest requirements of quality management, risk assessment and European regulations. The standards of the system have been modified in accordance with the new HACCP certification scheme for the production of foodstuffs.

The EU animal feed hygiene regulation which became effective on January 1, has also been integrated. This enables participants in the GMP+ certification scheme for the feed sector to comply automatically with the animal feed hygiene regulation.

The new-style GMP+ also takes account of the implementation of the IFSA standard for the production of feed materials. This common international standard will replace the GMP+ standards. The certification scheme will now refer primarily to European instead of national regulations.